OpenSky Finance Monthly Updates | January 2024

OpenSky Finance
2 min readFeb 2, 2024

Welcome to the OpenSky Finance Monthly Project Updates Series! We’re excited to provide you with a comprehensive recap of our achievements over the past month and a sneak peek into what lies ahead. Let’s delve into the highlights of the January 2024 Monthly Update!

🚀 Accomplishments

1️⃣ Successful Free Launch on Bakery Swap: In a groundbreaking move as the first Free Launchpad Project on BakerySwap, our $OSKY Free Launchpad achieved remarkable success! We garnered 54M $BAKE ($22M) and 1.45B #1cat ($10M), totaling $32M in USDT. Furthermore, 1,200,000 $OSKY tokens were successfully distributed to eligible wallets.

2️⃣ Startup Initial Free Offering: In collaboration with Gate Startup, we executed a free distribution of 175,000 $OSKY.

3️⃣ $OSKY Listed on with OSKY/USDT Trading: On January 23rd, our token $OSKY was officially listed on, and simultaneously, the OSKY/USDT trading pair became available. Users can now seamlessly buy, sell, and trade $OSKY on Start Trading Now:

4️⃣ $OSKY Listed on Uniswap: We’re delighted to announce that $OSKY is now listed on Uniswap. Users can effortlessly buy and swap $OSKY tokens on Uniswap. Swap $OSKY Now: Uniswap — $OSKY

5️⃣ Other Collaborations: OpenSky Finance has strategically partnered with leading web3 projects such as Bitcoin Cats, VIP3, Star Protocol, and more. Together, our goal is to build a thriving OpenSky community and contribute to the growth of the entire “NFTs+DeFi” ecosystem. We’ve also successfully organized various campaigns with QuestN, collaborated with KOLs, and engaged with prominent crypto communities. The Twitter Space event with Crypto Panda was a remarkable success.

🔮 Looking Ahead: The OpenSky tech team is diligently working on the BTC NFT lending protocol, set to be unveiled soon. Our marketing team is actively engaging with reputable exchanges and DEXs as we plan for the future. Expect to see more top-tier CEXs and DEXs in the $OSKY ecosystem.

About OpenSky Finance

OpenSky Finance is the first hybrid NFT lending and borrowing protocol powered by Aave, offering peer-to-pool instant loans and peer-to-peer bespoke loans. It enables borrowers to seamlessly switch between these two types of loans in a single transaction.

OpenSky Finance’s vision is to help NFT enthusiasts on Ethereum, Bitcoin and other leading chains to unlock and put their valuable NFTs to work with high capital efficiency and no price-based liquidation risk.

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OpenSky Finance

A DeFi protocol that enables NFT stakers to value their NFTs and borrow on demand while maintaining control.