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2 min readJun 20, 2022


Partnership Overview

OpenSky Finance has integrated via API with NFTBank’s state-of-the-art NFT pricing models to enhance the efficiency, user benefits and safety of OpenSky’s NFT lending protocol. For example, the accurate floor price and estimates provided by NFTBank will be used as a data source to calculate the dynamic borrow limit for instant loans. Also, our lenders and borrowers can see updated NFT price estimates to help them decide on the terms of a particular Bespoke loan.

OpenSky Finance and NFTBank plan to cooperate in the long-term to bring more use cases, user benefits and innovations to the NFT x DeFi space.

About OpenSky Finance

OpenSky Finance is the AAVE of NFT Lending. If you own a Bored Ape or CryptoPunk or other whitelisted NFT, you can borrow instantly from OpenSky based on the collection floor price. Or, if you want to borrow more or your NFT is not on the instant borrow whitelist, you can set up a Bespoke loan market and accept an offer that meets your requirements.

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About NFTBank

NFTBank is a leading NFT portfolio management service that drastically improves the visibility to NFT portfolios spread across different wallets and blockchains. NFTBank is powered by its in-house price prediction model that uses historical sales data and NFT metadata to accurately predict the market value of individual NFTs. NFTBank continues to build tools that empower NFT investors, builders, DAOs, guild managers, and scholars.

Come check your NFT portfolio value at or download the mobile app (Android iOS). You can access our NFT price valuation API here.

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OpenSky Finance

A DeFi protocol that enables NFT stakers to value their NFTs and borrow on demand while maintaining control.