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2 min readAug 18, 2021


We are thrilled to announce the OpenSky community has experienced explosive growth since the launch of OpenSky Market Testnet, with Twitter followers reaching 27k and Telegram followers exceeding 25k! Thank you for your interest in our NFT x DeFi vision. In order to show our appreciation, we will airdrop more than 25,000 OpenSkyDAO Moon Tickets on Polygon to our early supporters.

OpenSkyDAO Ticket is a membership ticket for OpenSkyDAO.

  • OpenSkyDAO early member certificate
  • OpenSky game farming draw prize
  • IDO White list
  • Additional prize

Here are some FAQs about OpenSkyDAO Moon Tickets:

Q: Who will receive the Moon Tickets?

People who have participated in 1st round testing on Rinkeby Testnet. Check Here to see the list of OpenSkyDAO Moon Tickets winners.

Q: When the OpenSkyDAO Moon Tickets be distributed?

2021/8/23 at 8:00 UTC.

Q: How to get your OpenSkyDAO Moon Tickets?

Join in our Discord room and OpenSkyDAO Tickets Bot will help you.

Any other questions?

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