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2 min readJan 17, 2024

GM OpenSky Community,

We are proud to announce our Token Generation Event (TGE) for the OSKY token that will be used to seed initial trading liquidity and to start promoting the decentralization and security of the protocol. The TGE will take place on BakerySwap’s innovative Free Launch platform on January 18th at 8AM UTC. The more BAKE or 1CAT tokens you temporarily stake into BakerySwap, the higher free OSKY token allocation you will receive. And the most exciting part is you will be able to withdraw all of your deposited BAKE or 1CAT tokens along with your free OSKY tokens. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?

About $OSKY Token

The OpenSky Token, or $OSKY, is the OpenSky Protocol’s governance token. OpenSky DAO — made up of $OSKY holders and delegators — governs the OpenSky Protocol. The governance system uses a weighted voting system in which the amount of $OSKY tokens held determines voting power.

Benefits of holding $OSKY include:

  • Deployment and ownership of OpenSky smart contracts;
  • Vote on protocol parameters, such as interest fee changes and NFT whitelist inclusion and deletion;
  • Staking and Yield Farming;
  • Govern the DAO Treasury.

$OSKY Tokenomics:

  • Name: $OSKY
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Distribution: Free Launchpad: 1.2%; Team & Advisors: 13.8% (Locked for 6 months with linear vesting over 18 months); Investors: 21%(linear vesting over 18 months); Community: 51%; DAO Treasury: 13%
  • Protocol: ERC-20

Free Launch on Bakery Launchpad:

  • Name: $OSKY
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Protocol: ERC-20
  • Launch Amount: up to 1,200,000 $OSKY
  • Launch Price: Free
  • Launch Time: Jan 18th, 8AM UTC
  • Participation Tokens: $BAKE & $1CAT
  • Participation Caps per Address: Maximum 50,000 BAKE & 2,000,000 $1CAT
  • Launch Starts: Jan 18, 8AM UTC
  • Launch Ends: Jan 18, 9AM UTC
  • Participation Method: Participants will get $OSKY tokens on Ethereum according to the $BAKE & $1CAT participated. However, the $OSKY amount will NOT exceed 0.02*$BAKE participated and 0.0004*$1CAT participated. All the participated $BAKE & $1cat will be refunded within 24 hours after participating.
  • $OSKY distribution: Free $OSKY tokens will be dropped to eligible wallets within 72 hours of the Free Launch concluding, after the necessary calculations are made to ensure fair token distribution.
  • Benefits of WhiteList: WL addresses will get 3x $OSKY tokens compared with Non-WL addresses.

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